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This is the food I feed my puppies until they are one year old. Order here on Amazon and click on auto- ship for the lowest price. 

These are the crate liners

that I use and recommend.

Think of the crate as your pup's bedroom.  This 30 inch crate with a divider will be perfect and will continue to accomodate your pup as it grows. Best price I've found. 

Crate covers are great tools for early training and it really makes your pup's crate like a private den.

Labradoodles need lots of brushing.  This is the brush I use.

This is a great feeding station. It keeps your floor free from water and crumbs. 

My absolute favorite shampoo for my pups. Made with Essential oils- natural insect repellant. You'll wonder why my pups smell so good on pick up day. This is why. It's currently unavailable on Amazon, so this link may not work. You can also get it at