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Congratulations on your decision to add a Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle to your family! We are confident you will be thrilled with your new family member. It is very important that our puppies be placed in good homes. It is important for us to match your home with a puppy that compliments the temperament and care that is beneficial for your new puppy and you as the new owner of your Australian Multigenerational Labradoodle.


When adopting a new puppy, you are taking on an extended commitment of twelve to fifteen years. They need to be provided with emotional and medical care and correct nutritional care to help keep them happy and healthy. Once you feel that a labradoodle puppy is right for you, we request that you complete the application found on this page. This will help us to match our puppy to your individual needs.


A deposit of $300 is required to reserve your puppy. Payments can be made online (via paypal) or by check ONLY AFTER YOU ARE APPROVED. Please do not make a deposit unless you have been approved and I have directed you to do so. Puppies will be allocated to each buyer when they are six weeks old. This will allow us to get to know the puppy and the prospective buyer in order to help you make a more positive match with your individual needs. Multigenlabradoodles always retains the right to hold a puppy back from a litter as a future breeder. The balance is due when your puppy is six weeks old (after allocation). This assures us that we will have the time to find a new home for your puppy if you change your mind. If you are not satisfied with the puppy available to you, you may roll your deposit over to the next available litter. If, for some reason, the timing is not right for you, you may also roll your deposit over to the the next available litter. Upon receipt of your application, completion of an interview and approval and $300 deposit, we will e-mail a contract to you to sign. This must be returned within two weeks to maintain your position on the reservation list.


Our contract provides that a prospective buyer has 72 hours after the puppy arrives to be checked by a qualified veterinarian to determine the condition of your new puppy. Please remember, your puppy will be spayed or neutered before they come home to you. We guarantee our puppies for genetic illness and hip dysplasia for two years. We will ship or hand deliver a puppy anywhere in the continental USA (for a fee). We will microchip your puppy and each puppy will also come with a medical history, including all shots and worming up to date. A three-generation pedigree will also be included. Your puppy will be started on potty training to a potty pad and will be trained to a crate. Please complete the application on this page to get started.

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