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Congratulations Nancy and Rick, bringing home a happy and healthy Sydney!

"Sydney is the perfect pet! He was just as described on the puppy page. We would highly recommend purchasing your next labradoodle from MultigenLabradoodles"

"Joey bag of doughnuts" is relaxing in the comfy surroundings of his new home! (aka "Legend").

"Just a little note to show you our beautiful Coco! She is an amazing part of our family beautiful and smart... You definitely have done a beautiful job breeding puppies that are beautiful inside and outside. "

A happy Bochy, going home with his new family...Zeb and Lelia, belly scratching and treats await!


"Bochy is doing very well in his home. He's only about 30 pounds and has a wonderful disposition. He is very snuggly and loves to sleep directly on top of me. He loves to have his tummy rubbed. He's pretty vocal especially when he loses a toy under the couch. He is a great fetch and can catch any ball. When we have had children around he is very calm. He lets them Poke at his face and play catch with even 2 and 3 year old children. We just love him...we couldn't ask for a better dog! We just adore him and get many compliments on him!"


I hope all has been well with you. Wanted to update you on Jeffery. The ladies love him, and he loves them back. He plays well with other dogs, and the doggy day care people love him.

He's so smart, very easy to train, and we're getting the hang of this potty training thing. I couldn't have found a better match for me in a dog.

Again, I want to thank you.

Please follow him on Instagram if you have an account, @labradoodlejeffery

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