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Pricing Information

There are many variables when it comes to prices among Labradoodle breeders. We feel the best assurance a prospective buyer has of receiving a quality pet is to buy from a quality breeder who has done everything to ensure that your new puppy is as healthy and genetically sound as possible. And, yes, there is a price tag for quality. Please keep in mind that you will have this new family member for the next 10-14 years. We are confident that if you choose to purchase a puppy from Multigen Labradoodles, you will be more than satisfied with this newest addition to your family. Your puppy will come from a long line of genetically tested parents, who live a happy life as pets first and who have been fed premium food to ensure sound health.

Australian Multigenerational Labradoodle- $3,000
First pick of the litter (non-breeder) $4,000
This price include the following:
1) A healthy puppy, verified by a veterinarian, at the time of purchase
2) A 2 year written genetic guarantee
3) Micro-chipped
4) Vaccinations current
5) Dewormed
6) Your puppy will be crate trained, which means you will bring a puppy home that will sleep through the night (from about 10pm to 6am) without accidents. Crate training establishes a great foundation for house training.
10) “Puppy Survival Kit” – This kit includes a cloth and toy with the scent of Mom and siblings to help make the transition to your home easier, an initial supply of puppy food,  and a folder with all of your pertinent information in it (such as vaccine & worming records, micro-chip info, a copy of your contract and copy of your health guarantee, etc.).
11) On-going help and support

Reservation of your puppy can be made via personal check OR by credit card or Paypal, using the link to the right. Deposit amount is $300. A $10 service fee is added for credit card or Paypal payments. Payments

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